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Rich DeMatteo, Fortune 500 Job Search Contributor.

Rich DeMatteo is a Philadelphia native with 5 years of agency and corporate recruiting experience. Rich has a PHR designation and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Development from Villanova University.

Rich is also certified in Behavioral Interviewing, a popular interview methodology for Fortune 500 Companies. He prides himself on helping to build interviewing processes that work for both the company and the candidate. He believes, "The candidate is a customer. Treat them like one."

Most recently, Rich has announced he's a co-founder of Bad Rhino, Inc, a new startup social media agency. Join the herd of Bad Rhinos on Twitter or on the Bad Rhino Blog!

Catch up with Rich at, follow him on Twitter (@CornontheJob), or visit him on Facebook. He’s the inventor of #JobHuntChat, Twitter’s first and most visited job search chat.

Between his recruiting experience, Corn on the Job, and JobHuntChat, Rich has coached and influenced over 50,000 job seekers.

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About the author...

Rich DeMatteo is a Philadelphia native with 5 years of agency and corporate recruiting. He’s the founder of, an award winning job search and career blog. Most recently, Rich has co-founded Bad Rhino, Inc., a social media agency. Follow @CornontheJob on Twitter, or be his buddy on

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