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Laura M. Labovich, Fortune 500 Job Search Contributor

Laura empowers mid-level professionals and aspiring executives to reach their career goals, by partnering with them to develop proactive, targeted, and effective job search marketing plans that increase campaign momentum and achieve breakthrough results!

Prior to launching her own practice, Laura recruited nationwide for the highly competitive Walt Disney World College Program, and led the recreation staffing efforts for Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Disney's Blizzard Beach water parks

At America Online, Inc., she designed, developed, and launched the first-ever company-wide college internship program, and coached hundreds of employees--from entry-level to executive--in areas such as career development, employee relations, communication effectivenss, and organizational development.

In 2010, Laura launched Career Cafe of Bethesda in Maryland--a inspired career club--which now boasts more than 50 regular members who say the meetings have "a lot of energy,"; and tout topics as "wonderfully useful" with one member proudly stating that she is "gradually getting unstuck in her job search!"

Laura is an avid social media enthusiast, a Careerealism-Approved Expert, and contributor to the Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) via Find her on LlinkedIn, follow her on Twitter @LauraLabovich.


Articles by Laura M. Labovich

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About the author...

Laura Labovich, MLRHR, is a Guild Certified Five O’Clock Club Career Coach, speaker, networking coach, social media enthusiast, and award-winning resume writer with more than 12 years of Human Resources leadership experience. Feel free to connect with Laura via Linkedin and follow her on Twitter @LauraLabovich.

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