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Parmelee Eastman: Company Research Contributor

Parmelee Eastman

Parmelee Eastman, Job-Hunt's Company Research Expert, is founder and president of EastSight Consulting and author of the KnowledgeIsPower blog on business research. Parmelee holds a B.A. from Wellesley College and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.

Building on her education and experience in high technology business, Parmelee Eastman applies the research and analytical skills she perfected in 15 years as a business research executive, first as a vice president of Fuld & Company, and, since 2001, as president of EastSite to the issues that businesses and non-profits face today.

Parmelee speaks at national and international conferences on topics related to business research, from pricing strategies to competitive research, and has been quoted in numerous business publications.

EastSite helps provide more effective utilization of external information in internal decision-making processes. EastSight Consulting clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to founding EastSight, Parmelee was the vice president of the global technology and communications practice at Fuld & Company and employed for 16 years at Digital Equipment Corporation. Parmelee can be reached at

Articles by Parmelee Eastman

Company Research Fundamentals:

  • Company Research: Key to Job Search Success
    One of the key aspects of creating a good impression with a recruiter, an interviewer, or a network contact is your knowledge of his/her company and even the contact as an individual. Without the knowledge provided by research, you risk looking lazy and/or clueless - not characteristics sought by any employer.
  • Research Like a Stakeholder
    Those who have or hold a "stake" in an organization's success see the firm from vastly different perspectives than outsiders. Thinking and researching like a Stakeholder will keep you from focusing narrowly on getting the job.
  • Learning From Industry Observers
    Information originating from the company on its web site, in its annual report, and in its advertisements provides an excellent view of the history and the positive aspects of the company. But that information may not be unbiased. Nor is it the only information available to you.
  • Understanding the Financial Reports
    "Public companies" are the companies that sell shares of ownership (called "stock") in a public "stock market" like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ in the USA, or the Montreal Exchange or Canadian Securities Exchange in Canada. Analyzing the recent financial picture helps you understand why the firm might hire you.
  • Think "Research" to Boost Networking
    Right now many unemployed people, and many who still have jobs, are thinking "Who would hire me?" Change that thinking to a balance between - "Who would hire me?" ** AND ** "Where would I have the best chance to succeed and want to work?"

Using Social Media for Company Research:

  • Using LinkedIn for More than Networking
    LinkedIn is one of the premier online networking sites for professionals. But LinkedIn is also a great research resource. The search feature allows you to search for people, companies, and answers, as well as jobs, events, and groups.

Online Sources for Company Research:

  • Exploring the Company Website
    You found the names of organizations that match your job hunting criteria or a network contact suggested an interesting company. Now you need to research the company before writing the cover letter or picking up the phone. The quickest route to information these days is just a few clicks away; the organization's web site.

Off-Line Sources of Company Research:

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