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Gus Lawson, Expert in How to Build Confidence for Your Job Search

Gus knows first hand how to recover from low confidence to strengthen his career. After running out of savings while attempting to start a consulting business, he realized he had put his family through too much stress. He had to secure a full-time position.

His network was small and he felt too proud to ask for help. He persevered and for the sake of his family, he found an opportunity after being unemployed for five months.

At his new job, he realized the culture wasn't right and after completing a short-term project, he found himself unemployed again.

This time was different. He was confident. His networking improved. He interviewed better.  He discovered how to gain comfort with uncomfortable job-search activities. As a result, when unemployed the second time within 7 months, he found his next role within six weeks; he received three offers over the course of two weeks.

As an organizational development consultant, Gus helps senior-level executives gain commitment to develop and implement their strategies. In his experience working with leaders he has discovered three critical success factors to changing strategies and developed a framework to help leaders accomplish their goals.

The first part of his framework helps leaders be more effective individually by reducing their feeling of overwhelm, communicating more powerfully, strengthening their influence, and increasing their powerbase. The second part of his framework helps leaders better connect with their teams and collaborate across organizational boundaries. The last part of his framework helps leaders connect employees to the organization using strategic planning, change management, and culture shaping tools.

Gus' focus in coaching is to understand what is most important to people and help them generate insights so they are intrinsically motivated to take action and see results.

Gus is a proud U.S. Navy veteran, holds a MBA from George Mason University and a Bachelor's Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. He has a certificate from Georgetown University as a Change Management Advanced Practitioner and received his executive coaching certificate from the Center for Executive Coaching.

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

About the author...

Career and leadership coach Gus Lawson has helped himself and others regain their career confidence. Whether his clients have been unsure about what to do next, needed to recover from a toxic work environment, or wanted to strengthen their brand, he helps them develop a roadmap and take action to achieve success. A proud U.S. Navy veteran, MBA graduate, and certified executive coach, Gus has made several successful career transitions. Gus is President of Juncture Consulting, LLC.

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