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Renée Lee Rosenberg, Boomer Job Search Contributor

Renee Lee Rosenberg

With a Master's degree in Vocational Counseling, Boomer Renée Lee Rosenberg, MA, is a specialist in vocational counseling, career management, job search, and retirement.

Renée is also a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) with over 25 years of experience helping individuals navigate career change, cope with stress, and achieve successful outcomes.

Renée has been a Certified Five O’Clock Club coach for over 20 years, offering creative job change tools and strategies. She assists individuals to create a personalized plan that de-stresses the job search process. She has also served as an outplacement counselor with the United Federation of Teachers for many years and taught career management/retirement redirection classes at New York University.

Her book, "Achieving The Good Life After 50: Tools and Resources for Making it Happen," offers tools to prepare for the emotional roller coaster of retirement as well as advice on how to move into "working retirement."

For more information about Renée, visit her websites and You can also find her Profile on LinkedIn, send her an email at

Articles by Renee Lee Rosenberg

Boomer Job Search Concerns:

  • Boomer Job Search Success Affirmations Work
    "Who will want me? I'm too old. I worked 20 years in the same company; this is all I know." "I have the qualifications but I'm older than the interviewer and all the other candidates. They'll never hire me." Do any of these statements sound familiar?
  • Job Interview Mistakes
    Have you been working at the same company for 15 years or longer and now you find yourself looking for a new job? Or perhaps you'd been working steadily for a number of years but now you're no longer at that job? You want to work again but now find yourself floating in the wind?
  • Don't Wing-It in Your Job Interviews
    You may be like so many others who are 50 plus, finding yourself, during this turbulent time, fearful and concerned about how to prepare for the guardian of your next job, the dragon at the gate: the dreaded interview process. Don't Wing It!

Making Your Best Impression:

  • Boomer's Best Foot Forward
    Are you afraid that your age will prevent you from obtaining a job? Do you worry that others may see you as the "old person?" Does age discrimination exist? You bet it does, but so do many other forms of discrimination found in the workplace environment: gender, education, ethnic origins, weight, and more.

Figuring Out What's Next:

  • Figuring Out What's Next: Step 1 - Wanting
    In my over 25 years of practice as a career counselor working primarily with clients over 50 and beyond, I have observed that the ones who achieved the most satisfying results and who were the happiest with their results were the ones who were committed to - and worked consistently toward - identifying their needs, skills, values, and goals.
  • Figuring Out What's Next: Step 2 - Ouching
    Once you have completed your assessment exercises in the "Wanting" stage you will have a greater self-awareness, a clearer idea of what you want, what is important and what you can offer to a prospective employer. Knowing your values, skills, and interests will help you to focus your job search and help you to explore setting realistic goals. "Ouching," the second stage of the three part WOW job search requires an attitude of Acceptance.
  • Figuring Out What's Next: Step 3 - Winning
    In two previous articles I wrote about the first two steps of the three-part WOW process. WOW, of course, is an acronym for: Wanting, Ouching, Winning. The first two articles, Wanting and Ouching, can be found through the links below. In this article I will write about the last step, Winning.

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