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Barbara Schultz: Mid-Career Job SearchExpert

Barbara Schultz

Barbara is founder of The Career Stager, helping mid-careerists put their best face forward.

She acts as a sounding board for clients to help identify their talents, craft words to deliver their message, and then assists in negotiating the offer, using a total rewards strategy. Barbara also acts as a cheerleader to the more seasoned workers, demonstrating how the wisdom they acquired over a career can shift the perception of age from a liability to an asset.

As a former human resources executive who spent a career focused on workforce planning and talent acquisition for high growth, entrepreneurial organizations, Barbara shares perspectives on what happens on the "other side of the desk," demystifying the HR selection process. Her recent consulting experience as a Recruiter enables her to share current search skills needed for the current job market intensive use of social platforms.

Barbara holds a degree in Human Resources from Lewis University, Romeoville, IL and is a member of Society for Human Resources (SHRM).

Barbara is a contributing writer for: Executive Career Brand, Thrive Global, Executive Vine, SHRM and Human Resources Management of Chicago (HRMAC). As a professional resume writer, she is a Member of The National Résumé Writers’ Association.

Paying it forward by helping others find meaningful employment is personal for her. She is a past member of the Board of Directors and current Director Emeritus, Career and Networking Center, a not-for-profit organization located in Naperville, IL.

Barbara offers career counseling, and conducts workshops and webinars on every aspect of the search. At the Center, she is also Co-Facilitator of a Job Search Work Team (JSWT), an accountability group for job seekers.

Connect with Barbara via her website at: or on LinkedIn.

Articles by Barbara Schultz

New Articles:

  • How to Succeed in Coronavirus Job Interviews
    Conventional advice surrounding interviewing has always included the need to prepare for questions an interviewer is likely to pose, as well as those you are eager to ask. The pandemic has generated new questions headed your way. The more traditional job interview questions will remain in the mix, and new pandemic-related questions will be added.
  • Answering Interview Questions Employers Ask During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Hiring managers are currently knee deep in crisis management. How can you assist them in solving problems unique to the pandemic? That is THE question to be ready to answer. Seize the opportunity and demonstrate your ability to be nimble, to deal with ambiguity, and to show calm in the middle of this storm.
  • Questions to Ask Employers in Coronavirus Pandemic Job Interviews
    Not every employer is a good or a safe place to work now. Nor does every employer successfully manage remote or partially-remote employees. Learn what you can during the interview by asking questions about both the job and how they have adjusted their processes to the pandemic. You need to understand -- and be comfortable with -- how the employer operates. Ask these questions to learn how the employer has managed this situation.

Coronavirus Job Search:

  • Smart Upskilling During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    At the outset of the pandemic, the media inundated our field of vision with several riveting scenes including a barren Times Square, an uninhabited Las Vegas Strip and St. Peter's Square devoid of visitors. The images portrayed a virtually motionless planet providing scenes in stark contrast to a formerly bustling world. How can job seekers keep their search energized in the face of such a dramatic slowdown?
  • How to Beat the Competition During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Covid-19 has turned the job candidate supply and demand equation upside down. As job opportunities contract, you will need a different approach to face an ever-expanding candidate pool. Never aspired to "swim with the sharks" and doing your best avoid those dangerous waters?
  • Great Examples of Coronavirus Pandemic Income Recovery
    The news has been flooded with images of Generation Z crowding the beaches on spring break, seemingly oblivious (or indifferent?) to what is happening on the world stage. On the other hand, job seekers are keenly aware of the increased challenges since the Coronavirus outbreak and will need to face new market realities.
  • MORE Great Examples of Coronavirus Pandemic Income Recovery
    Roll the tape forward and we are now 10 months into the pandemic. Does it feel like there is nothing but bad news everywhere you turn? We continue to grapple with COVID-19 in all aspects of our daily lives, yet there are inspiring examples of hope in the job market. Here are the stories of three such mid-career job seekers who refused to throw in the towel, jumped over major hurdles, and prevailed in the face of enormous obstacles.

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