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On this page: Becoming a Job-Hunt sponsor/advertiser.

Job-Hunt Sponsorship

No "stealth" advertising or SEO keyword links on  Don't bother asking.  The answer is, "No."  Always!

Job-Hunt sponsors are a select group:

Yes, we do actually turn down many more sponsors than we accept, by about 10 to 1. We want sponsors who would qualify, in terms of quality and service, as those select sites that are listed in Job-Hunt. We do not want scams or sites which do not seem to respect job seeker privacy.

We also reject advertisers who's products or services do not related to job search or recruiting.

Job-Hunt sponsors must offer a high-quality service to job seekers, primarily, or to employers looking for applicants, for those services targeting employers.

Resume distribution services and work-from-home/multilevel marketing opportunities are not accepted.

Please read Job-Hunt's Guidelines for inclusion to determine if your site would qualify. If your site is already listed in Job-Hunt, and has not changed substantially in content or intent since it was last reviewed by our editors, it is pre-qualified as a Sponsor.

Job-Hunt.Org is not your average Web site:

Types of Sponsor opportunities:

Contact Us:

If you would like to reach this segmented audience of job seekers and have a high quality site that offers real value to job seekers and/or recruiters, please contact us at Sponsorship [at]