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On this page: Expertise available from Job-Hunt Experts plus contact information for the media.

Contact for Media: Susan P. Joyce, Publisher and Editor of and

The Job-Hunt Job Search and Career Experts

Susan P. Joyce is Job-Hunt's publisher and editor.  Reach Susan most quickly via email ( and DM (@JobHuntOrg), or call NETability's main office at (508) 624-6261.

Nearly 50 experts share their expertise with Job-Hunt's visitors, including well-known authors, speakers, contributors to other popular publications, and other well-respected experts in their fields. Expert topics Include:

Choose the expert you need from Job-Hunt's list of job search and career experts.  Contct information is provided on each of their Job-Hunt biography pages, linked from the experts list.  Or feel free to contact Susan for suggestions.  She's happy to help you connect with the appropriate Job-Hunt experts.

Susan P. Joyce, Editor and Publisher of

Susan Joyce has been observing, studying, helping, writing and speaking about safe and effective online job search since 1995. Since 1998, she has owned, published, and edited, this award-winning employment portal website. Check out Susan's ebooks and articles.

Job-Hunt's awards:

2013 Forbes Top 100 Websites for Your Career

Job-Hunt is honored to be Richard N. Bolles' favorite "gateway" site, recommended in his "What Color Is Your Parachute?" books and on his website,

Best of the Web/Top Site for Finding Work - is a "Top" or "Best" site for job hunting and careers according to US News & World Report, Forbes, and PC Magazine.

Contact Susan with questions about:

Susan has been quoted or Job-Hunt has been referenced in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, TIME, FORTUNE, Newsweek, Businessweek Online, and numerous other publications, books, and websites, notably:

Her experience includes working in government (Intelligence Officer, USMC), higher education (Harvard University), a Fortune 50 company (Digital Equipment Corporation), and a start-up, NETability, Inc., the company she founded in 1995. 

Susan's background is information technology, human resources, and intelligence gathering and analysis. She has earned both a BA and an MBA degree, and has also "graduated" (been laid off) from two employers, counting her honorable discharge from the USMC and the layoff by DEC.

Currently, in addition to running, Susan is working on a research project with Professor Ofer Sharone of the MIT Sloan School of Management's Institute for Work and Employment Research.  They are exploring the most effective online job search methods and tools in use today.  If you would like to participate, take thesurvey, and leave your contact information here: