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On this page: Recruiter Harry Urschel explains what is necessary now to land a job.

Doing What Is Necessary to Land a New Job

Decide to do what's necessary to land a job!

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Most people are not professional job seekers, and that's a good thing! Because most people are working in jobs and not looking for a job.

When people do need to look for a job, many tasks are uncomfortable to do because they haven't done them before, so they feel awkward.

As a result, a great many job seekers primarily do those tasks that are easier for them, and avoid the ones that are more difficult. Not productive!

Comfort Zone Time Wasters

Job seekers primarily do those things are within their comfort zone, like these...

…and many other similar examples.

The Harder (More Productive) Things

The biggest obstacle most people face in doing the "hard" things is their own resistance, and, thus, they procrastinate in doing those hard things. The best thing many people can do is to take the time to consciously, and deliberately answer the question:

Am I only willing to do those things that are in my comfort zone, or am I willing to do whatever is necessary to land a new job in this market?

Wrestling with that question, and, hopefully, coming to the conclusion and conscious decision that you are willing to do what's necessary, will greatly help you overcome the resistance. Whenever resistance arises within you, you can recall your commitment, decide to honor it, and move forward.

Most people haven't made that intentional commitment to themselves, and so evading the "hard" things is not a problem for them, except for the lack of results.

Taking on a "job-search mindset", and committing to do the things that are most effective whether they are easy or not, will dramatically improve the results from your efforts.

The commitment can cause you to:

Bottom Line

Once you ask yourself the question of: Am I willing to do what's necessary?

And make a commitment that you are, everything else becomes easier and your search becomes far more effective!

About this author...

Harry Urschel has over 25 years experience as a technology recruiter in Minnesota. He currently operates as e-Executives, writes a blog for Job Seekers called The Wise Job Search, and can be found on Twitter as @eExecutives and on Google +. He can be contacted by email at: