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On this page: A job seeker's mindset is key to having a successful job search. Understanding employers helps you focus your job search mindset for best results.

Guide to Your Best Job Search Mindset

The Job Search Mindset encompasses many aspects of a job search, but from the "buyer's" (employer's) viewpoint.

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When you are in a job search, managing yourself through the whole, long process can be one of your biggest challenges. It is very easy to get into a personal pity party and approach your job search either pre-defeated (no one will hire me, so why try) or with a chip on your shoulder (hire me because I need a job NOW). Either attitude will make your job search longer and more difficult.

Successful job seekers take a step back and look at themselves and the whole job search process from the employer’s point of view.

So, this section of Job-Hunt, called the “Job Search Mindset,” will help you adjust your attitude and approach, showing you the employer's perspective on the process. 

Harry Urschel, a recruiter with 25 years of experience on the hiring side of the process, is Job-Hunt's Job Search Mindset Expert. In this section, he shares his views on how to improve your job search through adjusting your mindset.

In this section, job seekers will get a better understanding of what employers really want, and how the job seeker can present themselves accordingly. It will cover topics around attitude, professionalism, communication skills, listening, appropriateness, and building an impression of being "on the ball."

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