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On this page: Job search help for people interested in the methods used successfully for finding international jobs.

International Job Search

In today's competitive, global marketplace, everyone should be considering new ways to keep their skills and experience up-to-date and maintain a competitive edge. There are many ways that working overseas can help you grow your career both at home and abroad.

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Why work abroad?

Megan Fitzgerald, Job-Hunt's International Job Search Expert, says of her personal experience,

"Having been abroad for over a decade and worked in 40+ countries, I can tell you after experiencing the benefits of living and working abroad, you may find it won't be a choice for the short term. Working abroad can easily become a lifestyle choice filled with innumerable opportunities for learning, growth, travel, and adventure."

Working abroad offers many important benefits:

An international job search is different from a USA-only job search in many ways, and Megan Fitzgerald, Job-Hunt's International Job Search Expert will help you understand how to succesfully navigate these waters.

Megan Fitzgerald is an expat career and personal branding coach, CEO of Career By Choice, and your guide to the world of international careers. With two decades of experience supporting professionals and entrepreneurs in 40+ countries across 6 continents, Megan uses a 360°approach to help expats and international job seekers become highly visible, sought after, and land work abroad.

You can read about expat careers at CareerbyChoiceBlog, and also find her on Twitter as @ExpatCoachMegan, on, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Find links to Megan's articles plus other information and resources in the "International Job Search" box on the right.