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On this page: Meet Daisy Wright, Job-Hunt's Canadian Job Search Expert.

Daisy Wright, Job Search Expert for Canada

Canadian citizen Daisy Wright is an award-winning career coach, resume writer, and author of all editions of her very well-regarded book "No Canadian Experience, Eh? A Career Success Guide for New Immigrants" a guide for people outside of Canada to successfully find jobs inside Canada. 

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Each year, Canada welcomes approximately 250,000 new immigrants, and it has been a challenge for them to find positions commensurate with their qualifications.

To help people meet those challenges, Daisy, a Certified Career Management Coach, published No Canadian Experience, Eh? As one book publisher remarked at the time, "I was pleasantly surprised to see so much valuable information for a segment of the population that was largely ignored in regards to the job search."

Daisy is the founder of The Wright Career Solution, where she assists executives, managers, and other job-seeking professionals with their resumes, cover letters, social media profiles, and interview preparation. Daisy can be found blogging at Career Musings, hanging around in CareerTips2Go Cafe as the resident "Coach-on-Call," or tweeting as @CareerTips2Go and @NoCdnExperience.

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