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On this page: Find information, resources, and expert advice on the emerging green industry and the jobs associated with it.

Guide to Green Industry Jobs

A myriad of new career avenues are opening for both new grads and more experienced professionals in most, if not all, industries. And opportunities are blossoming for "the trades" as well, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, taxi drivers, landscapers, farmers, and more.

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In the end, we will probably all have a "green" aspect to our jobs and our lives. This is both an opportunity and a concern. Staying uninformed is not an option if you plan to have a long-term income stream.

So, take the positive approach, and seize this auspicious time. Expand your job-search scope, and explore the promising green collar career arena:

You can’t invent a "green conscience," but if you start in your own community and learn how your values parallel with those of people who are working for a safer, cleaner world, then your personal growth and career may both benefit from turning onto the greener path.