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On this page: Entrepreneurship can be an excellent option for job seekers, perhaps a permanent alternative.

Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur

According to Wikipedia, an entrepreneur "launches (or helps to launch) a new venture or enterprise, accepting full responsibility for the outcome."  They also typically run it for several years.

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These days many entrepreneurs launch their new venture because they feel they have no other option - either from a strong internal drive to test themselves and their quality of their ideas and management.  Or, recently, because the job market has not been friendly but mortgage or rent payments must be paid.

Entrepreneurs come in different "types" according to Wikipedia:

These days, I would add "Temporary entrepreneurs" - unemployed people who act entrepreneurs to pay the bills until they find their next jobs or until their kids go to college.

Whatever the entrepreneural "type" you are, many approaches to entrepreneurship exist now.  Find many different approaches in the articles in this section and also in the Lifestyle Friendly Careers section.

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