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On this page: Best and Top lists of companies abound.  These are the lists we feel they have the most value for job seekers.

Finding the Best Employers for You

While you are organizing your job search and career planning, consider these companies which have been selected for inclusion based on their size (Large General Company Lists) or based on some criteria as "best employers" or "top companies" ("Best" or "Top" Companies Lists).

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These employers may or may not be the best place for you to work, but the lists are good starting points and food for thought, hopefully introducing you to employers you had never considered before.

Lists of "Biggest" Companies

Inclusion in these lists is usually based on the size, typically measured in total annual sales.

Smaller Companies:

"Best" or "Top" Companies Lists

The big kahuna in these lists is FORTUNE magazine’s annual list of "100 Best Companies to Work for." The Great Places to Work Institute pulls together the list for FORTUNE, and they have a Best Small and Medium Workplaces list, both for the USA.  If you are looking outside the USA, see the World's Best Multinational Workplaces, again from the Great Places to Work Institute. And, if you are thinking of moving to Canada, check out the Best Employers for New Canadians.

Caution: Bear in mind that these lists represent someone else’s definition of "best" or "top" and their criteria may be quite different from yours.

For new grads & new MBA’s -

For women -

If you are over 40 -

Other "best" lists:

More lists for Canada -

In addition, almost every metropolitan area in the U.S. has a "Best employers in …" list published either by a local news organization (newspaper, business newspaper, TV, etc.) . To find them, try Googling "best employers" (in the double quotation marks) +your location. For example, if you wanted to find the best employers in Iowa, you would search with this search – "best employers" +Iowa – and you would see relevant results (hopefully).

Bottom Line

These are starting points, but the real value is that they may open your eyes to new possibilities. Take a thoughtful tour of those lists, and put together your own "best" employers list. Then target those employers for your job search. You may be much happier working for one of them, which could mean a longer time until your next job search.

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