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Green Industry Groups

Professional and industry associations and societies are great places to make connections to your next job! If we see JOBS posted on one of these sites, you will see "JOBS" in the descriptions. Some have internships and fellowships even if they don't have JOBS.   For more on this topic, visit the Guide to Green Industry Jobs for expert advice and additional resources.

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The green industry associations linked below are divided into categories based on their primary focus. Browse down the page to see all of the associations by category.

Or, if you prefer, click on the category name you want to see the associations comprising that category: Air & Climate; Biofuels, Biomass, & Other Bio; Building & Construction; Ecology; Education; Energy Efficiency & Conservation; Engineers & Engineering; Environmental Business, Industry, & Government; Forestry & Plants; Geothermal; Health, Medicine, & Toxicology; Hospitality & Tourism; Hydropower; Recycling; Regulations, Law, & Management; Renewable Energy; Solar Energy & Voltaics; Solid Waste; Sustainability & Permaculture; and Wind Power.

While many groups may not currently have job postings, they are still wonderful sources of information. Many of the industry associations have "member directories" where you can shop for potential employers or people you can contact for information and networking.

Since the "green industries" are relatively new, industry trade associations are also included. At a minimum, they should provide you with a list of potential employers.

Check out "Tapping the Hidden Job Market" for ideas on some of the ways you can leverage associations for your job search, and for more professional and industry associations, visit Job-Hunt's Directory of Associations.

Green Industry and Professional Associations and Societies:

Air & Climate:

Biofuels, Biomass, & Other Bio:

Building & Construction:



Energy Efficiency & Conservation:

Engineers & Engineering:

Environmental Business, Industry, & Government:

Forestry & Plants:


Health, Medicine, & Toxicology:

Hospitality & Tourism:



Regulations, Law, & Management:

Renewable Energy:

Solar Energy & Photovoltaics:

Solid Waste:

Sustainability & Permaculture:

Wind Power:

For more on this topic, visit the Guide to Green Industry Jobs for expert advice and additional resources.  For more related employment and career links, see Job-Hunt's Directory of Associations: