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Today, a successful job search is more complicated than having a good resume! You MUST use the right keywords for you in your resumes and LinkedIn Profile (a.k.a. Personal SEO) to be found by recruiters, regardless of how well qualified you are.

Being professionally and positively visible in social media, particularly LinkedIn, is essential now. Resumes are still very important and effective (when they contain the right keywords for that job and for you).

If your personal online reputation is good, your LinkedIn Profile and resume get you in the door for the job interview. Prepare well, meeting today's high standards, and you might receive a job offer. To understand what recruiters want and how they are thinking, read the Guide to Working with Recruiters, written by a recruiter, for insight.

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Guides to Smarter Job Search

  • Guide to Successful Job Interviews

    How to answer the top job interview questions, handle telephone and video interviews, interviews at lunch, plus sample thank you notes/email.

  • Guide to Personal SEO

    Learn how to identify the best keywords for you and use them appropriately in resumes, job applications, and LinkedIn Profile.

  • Guide to LinkedIn for Job Search

    Learn how to develop an effective Profile, leverage LinkedIn Groups, plus more tips for advancing your job search and your career using LinkedIn.

  • Guide to Personal Online Reputation Management

    Yes, you do have an online reputation! It is impacting your job search and your career. Best to pay attention and manage it yourself.

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